A Glimpse Of Plainview

by Pat Bailey

There are a lot of people in town during the month of May.   One reason is we still decoration the graves of our love ones in this part of the country.   Every Sunday and sometimes on Saturday you will see people in the local cemeteries not only placing flowers but enjoying visiting with old neighbors and friends.  Last week it was Carter Cove Cemetery.    Jim and I have our plot there next to is best friend Peabody Webb.  I’ve been in this area thirty years now and so many of my neighbors are up on that hill.   I once knew almost everyone in the Cove but now there so many new people especially young couples living here.  They want to get out of the big city and have this quiet life.

One of the main cemeteries in this area is Salem out on Kingston Rd.  At one time it was the biggest day of the year since almost everyone in the area has someone buried there.  They had the old church open and “Dinner on the Grounds”.  The old tables they used are still standing across the road.  I remember going to church my first year here on the day of the Salem decoration and it was almost empty since everyone was at the cemetery.

As we prepare for the Alumni Reunion, I get a lot of call asking for the date of this year’s reunion.   It is always the Saturday before Salem decoration or the Saturday after Mother’s Day.    If you don’t want to look at the calendar that is May 18th.

I am really excited this year about our reunion.  We have a lot of new young officers (anyone in their sixty is young to us) and they are really working to make this one special.  Linda Green is our new president, Don Burnham- Vice President, Carla Gassaway- Secretary, Theo Wideman- Treasurer and Marty Hawkins- publicity.   I know a couple of them are older, but they don’t act it.

Mary Rolfus is in charge of the meal…if you don’t know her, she is kin to the Padgett family and one of us who didn ‘t graduate here but loves this area and is a great volunteer.   We will have the BBQ Pork, Beans and potato salad from Miller’s Processing in Centerville….it is so good.

I only get to attend the first part of the day since my granddaughter is graduating that day from high school.  I really love all of you, but I love my granddaughter more.

I think we are going to have a good turnout.  I saw Larry Neuhart and he said his brother, Paul was coming in and several classes are getting together.  I’ll tell you more next week…mark your calendar for May 18th.

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